At Aerostat Promotions, our pilots are federally licensed, with years of experience as Commercial Pilots in both hot air balloons and airplanes. Our ground crew members are helpful, knowledgeable, friendly ,and anxious to make your experience a memorable one. Many of our crew members are pilots as well. We are all in love with hot air ballooning. We enjoy nothing more than sharing our passion with our passengers. Our pilots and ground crew have 50 years of experience between us.

As you will see from our photos, we make the time you spend with us pure fun and excitement. From the time we begin to set up the balloon to the time we pack the balloon back into the trailer, you will be fascinated by the process and thrilled by your flight. Our flight will take you over the beautiful Pioneer Valley. Regardless of the season, you will enjoy the exceptional landscape and often view a variety of wildlife. We often greet people on the ground as we fly over their homes and back yards. It is not unusual to land in local neighborhoods and share the end of our flight with the local residents. There is just something about a hot air balloon that makes people happy.

We fly year round, weather permitting. Because weather is so important to a safe and pleasant flight, we choose the days we fly very carefully. Our balloon holds four passengers plus the pilot. You can share your experience with new friends or schedule one of our private flights. Either way, your will take away with you memories and stories you will treasure for a lifetime.

Our pricing is as follows:

Effective 9/1/2020

Hot Air Balloon Flight (approximately 1 hour air time) $350.00 per passenger

Private flight for Two $1300.00